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Prices Include Shipping and Insurance
Metal Art
Prices Include Shipping and Insurance

Our wall metal art is created by a local artist in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

The metal art is made from 12 gage steel and plasma cut. The sizes are approximate. All other phases are done by hand and no two are identical. Each piece is hand sanded to create directional lines to define the art work, such as feathers, roof lines, slopes etc. The coloring is added with a hand held torch and when completed the piece is powder coated to protect the finish. Our art work can be displayed outdoors (The artist does not gaurentee against rusting even though pieces are powder coated. For added protection, we recommend spraying both sides of your metal art with Rust-oleum, automotive clear gloss from a red can, purchased at Home Depot or other Rust-olem dealers). Fastening is done by wire hangers or with #6 black drywall screws. Counter sunk holes are provided. There are many other pieces available.
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Metal Art 8 Inch Circles
8 Inch Circles
Metal Art 14 Inch Circles
14 Inch Circles
Metal Art Ovals
Metal Art Bathroom Fixtures
Bathroom Fixtures
Towel Racks, Towel Rings,
Toilet Paper Holders
Metal Art Kitchen Accessories
Kitchen Accessories
Paper Towel Racks and Napkin Holders
Metal Art Light Switch Covers
Light Switch Covers
Metal Art Feather Wall Art
Feather Wall Art
Metal Art Large Pieces
Large Pieces
Metal Art3D Wall Art
3D Wall Art
Metal Art Holders
Business Card Holders,
Candle Holders,
Desk Sculptures
Metal Art Welcome Signs
Welcome Signs
Welcome, Howdy, Cowgirl, Cowboy signs and more!
Metal Art Small Decoratives
Small Decoratives
Metal Art Wildlife
Metal Art Hooks
Coat Racks, Key Holders, Hooks
Metal Art Southwest
Metal Art Hooks